Thursday, February 26, 2009

2009 PRTS Meeting Schedule

January 9: Samy Rabinovic: The use of Color for Anatolian Carpet Identification

Feb. 18: Ruben Tehrani: Persian City Carpets

Mar. 27: Wendel Swan: Exploring and Explaining the Appeal of Color in Rugs

May 1: Alberto Boralevi: Oriental Rug Fakes and Copies - Teodor Tuduc

May 22: Austin Doyle, MD:  Eastern Caucasian Rugs

June 19: Robert Mann: Oriental Carpet Restoration (at Material Culture)

July: Annual Members Picnic and Silent Auction

Nov. 13: Susan Davies: Moroccan Rugs and the role of Berber Women

NOTE: All meetings take place at FocusPointe, unless otherwise specified. 

FocusPointe Global
Two Logan Square
18th & Arch St., Suite 500
Philadelphia, PA  19103
RSVP: Pat Mahoney -; 215.925.8428

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